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Join a Membership Organization

CFP Board strongly encourages CFP® professionals to take advantage of the networking and professional development opportunities offered by the profession’s leading membership organizations.

Financial Planning Association® (FPA®)

FPA is the professional home for financial planning practitioners who want to master the practice of financial planning and help shape the future of the profession. The FPA community is made up of passionate, caring and incredibly talented financial planning practitioners who are eager to answer your questions, build your confidence and skill set, and help you become the best planner you can be.

As an FPA member, you get:

  • Cutting-edge content from the Journal of Financial Planning, FPA Practice Management Blog, FPA Next Generation Planner and the You’re a Financial Planner, Now What? podcast
  • Access to 86 local chapters, more than 22,000 members and the profession’s most engaged online community
  • Guided personal and professional development through webinars, research, media training and valuable tools
  • Discounts on leading practice management products and services, including financial planning software, marketing consultations, certification programs and group insurance
  • The ability to amplify your voice and take your place as a leader through legislative and regulatory impact, pro bono planning and the opportunity to bring the benefits of financial planning to more people
  • A pathway to new ideas and professional relationships through FPA signature events, such as FPA Annual Conference, FPA Retreat, FPA Residency, FPA NexGen Gathering, FPA Advocacy Days and local chapter meetings
  • A place to truly belong, where you are heard, supported and involved, and where your journey to master the practice of financial planning is the top priority

National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA)

NAPFA is the country’s leading professional association of Fee-Only financial planners — highly trained professionals who are committed to working in the best interests of those they serve. All NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisors are required to always work in a Fee-Only capacity, accepting no commissions. NAPFA provides:

  • Valuable and rigorous professional development opportunities
  • Subscriptions to the NAPFA Advisor magazine and member newsletter, What’s New at NAPFA
  • Discounts on products and services appropriate for a Fee-Only advisor
  • Access to the web-based NAPFA Community, including the popular discussion forum where you can post questions, receive answers and learn new approaches from your NAPFA peers