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Upcoming Exam Dates & Pricing

The CFP® exam is offered three times a year across 8-day testing windows that take place in March, July and November. You'll be able to select your test day and testing location from a network of convenient testing centers.

Testing appointments are scheduled with Prometric on a first-come, first-serve basis. We encourage you to register for the exam 60 days or more in advance for the best date and site availability.

Standard registration rate is $925. An early bird rate of $825 is available until 6 weeks before the registration deadline, and a late registration rate of $1,025 applies during the final 2 weeks of registration.

March 8-15, 2022

Register now. Deadline: February 22, 2022
(Early bird rate of $825 through Jan. 19, 2022)
(Education verification deadline: Feb. 8, 2022)

July 12-19, 2022

Registration opens: March 17, 2022
(Education verification deadline: Jun. 7, 2022)

November 1-8, 2022

Registration opens: July 14, 2022
(Education verification deadline: Oct. 4, 2022)

Registration & Scheduling

To sit for the CFP® exam, you need to complete CFP Board’s exam registration form, pay the exam registration fee, then schedule your testing appointment with Prometric. You must have a CFP Board online account to get started — registering is fast, free and secure.

Create an account

How to Register

  1. Create a CFP Board online account. If you have previously registered for the exam or have already created your online account, you may simply log into your secure CFP Board account to start the registration process.
  2. Log into your CFP Board account. In the "Exam" section of your Account Dashboard, click the link for "Select Your Test Dates" and complete the exam registration form.
  3. Submit payment of the exam registration fee. The exam registration process in your online CFP Board account allows you to pay the registration fee by credit card.
  4. Schedule your testing appointment with Prometric.

After submitting payment of the registration fee, you'll receive instructions for selecting your testing appointment on the Prometric website.

Registration Fee Schedule: March 2022 Exam

Registration Type   Opens Closes  Fee 
 Early Bird  October 20, 2021  January 19, 2022  $825
 Standard  January 20, 2022  February 8, 2022  $925
 Late Registration  February 9, 2022  February 22, 2022  $1,025

How to Schedule Your Testing Appointment With Prometric

After completing the registration and payment steps, CFP Board will notify you via email when your eligibility is confirmed and will provide you with a link to the Prometric website where you can schedule your test day and testing site location.

  1. Follow the link in your confirmation email to the Prometric website and select “Certified Financial Planner” from the dropdown menu.
  2. Select “United States” and the state where you would like to take the CFP® exam.
  3. Select “Schedule an Appointment” from the top of the page.
  4. Read the provided Privacy Policy Notice and the Data Privacy Notice and select “I agree.”
  5. Enter your CFP Board ID number in the “Eligibility ID” field, then, enter the first four letters of your last name.
  6. Use the search box to enter the area where you would like to take the CFP® exam.
  7. Select the “Schedule an Appointment” link from the list of available test centers.
  8. To select your testing date and time, select the button labeled “Find available seats in a 3-month period,” then select the month when the CFP® exam is offered (March, July or November). Click the “Go” button to find available appointments. Use the calendar display to select a highlighted date from the clickable links. Use the “Select an Available Time” list to identify available timeslots for the date selected. Select an appointment time for taking the CFP® exam.
  9. Complete the requested additional information. Note that your CFP Board ID, first, and last name will be pre-filled on the form. Enter your address and contact information into the appropriate fields. Click “Next” to continue.
  10. Verify your selected CFP® exam date and location. Ensure that this information matches your selection. If changes need to be made, use the “Back” button to revise your appointment. If the testing appointment information is correct, select the “Complete Appointment” button to confirm.
  11. Upon confirmation, you will receive an email from Prometric with your testing appointment confirmation details. Please save or print a copy of the appointment confirmation for your records.

Find CFP® Exam Resources

CFP Board is here to help you prepare for a successful exam experience, by connecting you with other candidates and providing a range of exam prep resources.

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