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Workforce Development

The CFP Board Center for Financial Planning is helping cultivate a quality workforce to ensure the profession can retain the talent it needs to grow.


Guide to Financial Planning Career Paths

Financial Planning Career Paths: Building More Sustainable and Successful Businesses, from the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning, helps firms in our profession with recruitment, onboarding, training, career development and retention.

The comprehensive workforce development guide highlights the importance of clear and transparent career advancement to attract and retain the next generation of financial planners. It helps firms structure and effectively communicate career path opportunities by examining the 5 rungs of the financial planner career ladder:

  • Analyst
  • Associate Advisor
  • Service Advisor
  • Lead Advisor
  • Partner 

Find Your Next Job or Internship

The CFP Board Career Center connects students, candidates for CFP® certification and CFP® professionals with job and internship opportunities at firms around the U.S. The Career Center also hosts online career fairs that allow employers and job seekers to connect in real time.

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Explore Scholarship Opportunities

The Center offers scholarship programs to help qualified individuals to start or complete the education requirement for attaining CFP® certification.

Milton Stern Scholars Fund

For qualified students who are residents of New York, New Jersey or Connecticut.

Deena Jo Heide-Diesslin Foundation Challenge Match Scholarship

For qualified individuals who have demonstrated a financial need and are part of an under-represented population related to gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or those with disabilities.

Richard B. Wagner Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established jointly by the Center and The Financial Planning Association® (FPA®) for qualified individuals who can demonstrate financial need and are from underrepresented populations in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation.

The Envestnet Scholarship

For individuals from underrepresented populations seeking to complete the education requirements for CFP® certification through a CFP Board Registered Certificate Program

California Lutheran University Financial Planning Scholarship

For qualified individuals seeking to complete California Lutheran University's online Master of Business Administration (MBA) or online Master of Science (MS) degree in Financial Planning.

Facet Wealth Scholarship for Increased Diversity in Financial Planning

This scholarship offers financial assistance to African American/Black candidates for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL™ certification.


The Center is pleased to provide information on third party scholarship programs that are designed to assist qualified individuals with completing the education requirement for attaining CFP® certification.


The Center for Financial Planning is a distinct initiative of CFP Board focused on creating a more diverse and sustainable financial planning profession.

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